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International Spy Academy

International Spy Academy

International Spy Academy
Theme: The Importance of the Bible

Queen Lucy Furlover, under the influence of her evil advisor Victor Vulture, has confiscated every copy of the Bible in the country of Furlandia! Patch agrees to help Albert Einstein (from Kingdom Chronicles) take Bibles to her uncle Paul who is a missionary in Furlandia. Problems arise because of a spy who keeps Victor one step ahead of Captain Patch and crew. When they find themselves in the castle dungeon, only God can help them escape and get Bibles to the Christians who so desperately need them!

12 Songs include: ISA Theme Song • Mission Possible  • Activate Me, Lord  •  I Need the Bible  • I Love Furs  • Nuts & Seeds, Berries & Bugs  • God Answers Prayer  • Victor the Bully  • Three in One  • The Clues All Lead to God  • Running, Running  •  My God  • Now I See
 $9.99    Complete Album
 $0.99  1.   I Spy Academy Overture
 $0.99  2.   I Spy Academy
 $0.99  3.   Activate Me Lord
 $0.99  4.   I Need the Bible
 $0.99  5.   I Love Furs
 $0.99  6.   Nuts and Seeds Berries and Bugs
 $0.99  7.   God Answers Prayer
 $0.99  8.   Viktor the Bully
 $0.99  9.   Three in One
 $0.99  10.   Look Up
 $0.99  11.   I'm Running
 $0.99  12.   Its God
 $0.99  13.   Now I Can See
 $0.99  14.   Mission Possible