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Theme: Creation
Patch the Pirate and his crew are taking a break at the IncrediWorldTheme Park - a place filled with great rides and awesome reminders of God's work of creation. Gabe and Cody, the Extreme Team, are hoping to win "The World's Best Theme Park" award, but someone is trying to sabotage their chances. Join Patch, the crew, and their new friends Mabel and Maddie in this dino-riffic tale of fun and mayhem as they explore the park and find out who's behind all the trouble. 

Includes 12 new songs: IncrediWorld • Simple As That • Right-side Up Turned Up-Side Down • Billions and Billions of Years Ago • Days of Creation • Woodpecker • It Couldn't Just Have Happened • Behemoth • Bible Glasses • Cotton Candy • Admit, Believe, Forever Receive • All Creatures of Our God and King

 $9.99    Complete Album
 $0.99  1.   IncrediWorld
 $0.99  2.   Simple As That
 $0.99  3.   Right-side Up Turned Up-side Down
 $0.99  4.   Billions and Billions of Years Ago
 $0.99  5.   Days of Creation
 $0.99  6.   Woodpecker
 $0.99  7.   It Couldn't Have Just Happened
 $0.99  8.   Behemoth
 $0.99  9.   Bible Glasses
 $0.99  10.   Cotton Candy
 $0.99  11.   Admit, Believe, Forever Receive
 $0.99  12.   All Creatures of Our God and King